We work for you!  Meyers Wealth Management provides financial peace of mind.  We can help you overcome anxiety, and eliminate the uncertainty related to your financial world.

Meyers Wealth Management offers  financial planning and portfolio management services on a fee-only basis.  We provide financial guidance and peace of mind through:

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  • Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning And Portfolio Management
  • Hourly Consultation and one-off projects

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Interested in learning more?  Please take a look at our Getting Started page. You’ll find some information about, and links to (a) the types of information we generally ask clients to bring in; (b) NAPFA’s Tough Questions To Ask Your Advisor;

We usually plan a brief (perhaps 15-20 min) phone call just to chat a bit (no charge or obligation) so we can talk about what’s going on with your finances, and how we could work together.  Give us a call at 800-993-2994 or send us e-mail at advisor@meyersmoney.com or click here to schedule it directly on our calendar to set up a time for that conversation! 

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Meyers Wealth Management works on a strictly fee-only basis, meaning we get no commissions or financial incentives from any financial service provider.  You can rest assured that when we make recommendations for specific products or services, we do so because we believe it to be in your best interest.  Period.

Meyers Wealth Management, where our goal is to help you achieve your goals
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