Can we just talk for an hour or two?

We encourage you to look at the list of standard Services we make available.  This is the “On the Spot” or “Quickstart” financial planning service.

We firmly believe that successful financial planning is an ongoing process.  No plan is set in stone, and no matter how comprehensive, it’s going to require updating as you go — which is why we recommend an ongoing comprehensive financial planning relationship with a professional.  …

Can you review my portfolio?

We’ll be happy to review your portfolio as part of any of our regular services.  Usually, a “portfolio review” is  in the context of planning for some specific goal such as saving for retirement (or living off an existing portfolio for folks already in retirement), or some specific purchase such as a house, or college.

Your Rights as a Financial Planning Client

This summary is taken from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc., and Meyers Wealth Management stands by it:

  • You have the right to a planner who has integrity
  • You have the right to objective advice
  • You have the right to a planner who is competent

Can you draw up our wills and trusts?

Meyers Wealth Management does not provide legal services.  We are not attorneys, nor do we directly employ any attorneys.  As such, we do not give legal advice, we do not draw up wills or trusts or powers-of-attorney or other legal documents.  …

Can you do our taxes for us?

Meyers Wealth Management is not an accounting firm, nor do we directly employ accountants, CPAs, enrolled agents or tax preparers.  We do not prepare tax returns for our clients.  We'll be happy to refer our clients to some local professionals, and to coordinate with our clients' tax professionals.

What is a "Financial Advisor"?

Unfortunately, the term "financial advisor" has come into common usage.  The unfortunate thing about it is that the term has no precise meaning whatsoever.  Anyone may call himself a "financial advisor".  Just because someone calls himself a "financial advisor" does not mean that he has any specific education, background, experience, or certification which actually qualifies him to give financial advice.

What is the difference between "Fee-Only" and "Fee-Based"

Meyers Wealth Management operates on a Fee-Only basis.  This means that all financial compensation we receive is explicit fees paid directly by our clients.  We get no commissions, no "offsets", no financial incentive whatsoever to sell or place our clients into any particular product.  …

How do we work together?

We provide a variety of financial planning services, including standalone projects and full-service ongoing financial planning, as well as portfolio management  and it may not be obvious which, if any, are appropriate for you.

We encourage you to browse the

How are you compensated?

We operate on a fee-only basis.  This means that we are paid only and directly by our clients.  We don't get commissions for selling products nor do we have financial or other incentive to prefer one product over another - we recommend only the products that we believe are the best for our clients.

How do I actually pay you?

Since we are paid only and directly by our clients, and get no commissions or other financial remuneration from any of the service providers our clients use, we need to ask our clients explicitly for payment.  For portfolio management, payment may be deducted directly from the managed account (with client's written consent in advance, of course!), 

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