Can we just talk for an hour or two?

We firmly believe that successful financial planning is an ongoing process. No plan is set in stone, and no matter how comprehensive, it’s going to require updating as you go — which is why we recommend an ongoing comprehensive financial planning relationship with a professional. However, we also understand that not all people are ready for that level of work or commitment, or that they may just have a question or two and feel like the rest of their financial matters are already being addressed.

Nevertheless we believe that everybody should have access to qualified, unbiased financial advice, and therefore reserve a certain amount of our professional time for hourly, as-needed financial consultation.

If you just want to come and pick our brains for an hour or two, or you have a project, let us know and we’ll do our best to arrange for hourly consultation.

More comprehensive or research-oriented work is typically done through a combination of meetings and offline research and notes preparation, and we try to estimate in advance how much billable time it’s likely to take, and if it looks, while we’re working on it, that it’s going to take longer than we’d estimated, we'll make sure to check in and let you know and get your approval before continuing on the project.

We’re highly conscious of the fact that when we’re working on an hourly basis, our time is your money and given that our goal is to help you keep (and grow) your money as much as possible, we are very careful with it.

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