Can you do our taxes for us?

Meyers Wealth Management is not an accounting firm, nor do we directly employ accountants, CPAs, enrolled agents or tax preparers. We do not prepare tax returns for our clients. We'll be happy to refer our clients to some local professionals, and to coordinate with our clients' tax professionals.

We do have expert knowledge of many areas of taxation. David Meyers has volunteered for several years [2009-2012] as a tax counselor with the AARP's Tax Aide and the IRS VITA/TCE program.,,id=107626,00.html

Our advice, plans and guidance for our clients takes into consideration tax matters -- for example, in many cases, it's in our client's best interest to save for retirement in certain tax-favored accounts such as IRAs and 401(k) plans; if a client has a taxable stock portfolio containing both unrealized capital gains and losses, we will work with the client to try to take maximum advantage of those gains and losses to manage the tax impact of any trading and portfolio rebalancing.

If you already have an accountant with whom you're working, we'd like to know. We may ask you to have your accountant compute things (such as how much you may put into a SEP-IRA, for example) or address specifics about your financial situation which will help us plan for you.

Some of our clients do their own taxes at home using off-the-shelf software packages or online tax prep programs. For many folks, that's more than adequate and we'll be happy to take a look at their results.

We ask all of our clients to bring in a copy of their most recent tax return because it's a great source of information which helps very much in drawing up a financial plan for the clients, and we do occasionally come across issues about which they or their accountants may not have been aware. For some clients who self-prepare, we'll strongly recommend that they do see an accountant, especially if they have complex tax situations such as income in more than one state, self-employment income, investment real estate, or a business, or if they are partners in a partnership, for example.

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