How are you compensated?

We operate on a fee-only basis. This means that we are paid only and directly by our clients. We don't get commissions for selling products nor do we have financial or other incentive to prefer one product over another - we recommend only the products that we believe are the best for our clients.

Our charges for specific services depend on the services in question.

For standalone projects and plans, you’ll pay us directly, either by check or credit card. We use an online invoicing system which makes this easy.

For portfolio management services, you’ll be keeping your portfolio with a qualified broker-dealer/custodian with whom you’ll have your own direct agreements in place, and which gives us very strictly limited abilities to manage your portfolio on your behalf. We compute our advisory fees and, with your prior authorization, they will deduct those fees directly, as well. You will see these fees on your statements, and be provided invoices for your records.

For full-service ongoing financial planning, which may include portfolio management services, we can arrange custom billing which takes into consideration all of these issues (i.e., some parts can be paid by check or credit card, others by direct deduction from accounts).

Sometimes our fees, or part of them, may be deductible on your income taxes. We’ll be happy to discuss this, and refer you to your accountant to see how it’d actually work for you.

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