How do we work together?

We provide a variety of financial planning services, including standalone projects and full-service ongoing financial planning, as well as portfolio management  and it may not be obvious which, if any, are appropriate for you.

We encourage you to browse the Services page to get some ideas and see if any of them resonate with what brought you to us today.

Before committing to any particular service or project, we will be happy to have a brief, no-cost, no-obligation consultation and we usually do this by phone.  This conversation typically takes half an hour or less and by the end, we hope you'll have a clear picture of what sorts of work we do and where you'll find value in our services.

We'll send you a client welcome kit which includes a detailed questionnaire, a comprehensive list of documents we'd like you to bring in to our first meeting, some worksheets for your family balance sheet and cash-flow analysis, as well as a copy of our Services list and links to our required disclosure forms which you may download and read at your convenience.

The collection of documents and the questionnaire include a lot of material.  Please don't be alarmed!  Not all of it applies to everyone, but we encourage you to try to get as much together as you can.  The more complete the information you bring, the more complete and accurate our work together will be.  And you may just be surprised at how much you'll get out of just getting all that information together.

For certain of our services, we also include access to and use of a personal financial dashboard, which is a personalized website built just for you.  It lets you link in all sorts of parts of your financial life, from bank accounts and investment and retirement accounts to your mortgage, life insurance, credit cards, etc.  It’s also got a secure ‘vault’ area where you can safely upload to us copies of documents, and it’s where we’ll place notes and reports we prepare for you.

Ask us questions!  The more comfortable you are with this, and the more complete our information is, the better a job we can do.  Don't be shy!

Depending upon the service you choose, we'll meet, review together all the materials you've brought with you, and proceed from there.

Remember: we work for you.

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