Disclaimer: we are not recommending or endorsing any service providers listed below.  This list is for informational purposes only and for your convenience.  

For more information about IRAs, see IRS Publication 590, available here:
as a web page:
or as a PDF:

For tracking IRA contributions (deductibility, distributions, etc):

Freddie Mac's survey of primary mortgage markets:

Free Credit Report:
By federal law, everyone is entitled to one free copy of his or her credit report from each of the credit reporting agencies per year.  If you stagger them, you may get an up-to-date credit report every few months for free.  Be careful, though, as there are many websites out there advertising a "free" credit report, but they sign you up for some sort of credit monitoring with a monthly charge.  If you just want your free credit report but not to sign up for anything, this is the website you want:

Please check for yourself - the US Federal Trade Commission maintains a web page explaining this, and linking to that site:

Online savings accounts:
Discover Bank -
Ally Bank -
Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct) -
American Express Personal Savings -

Brokerage services:
Fidelity -
Schwab -
E*Trade -
Scottrade -
TDAmeritrade --

Self-directed IRA providers:
IRA Services -
Pensco Trust Company -

NAPFA, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

FPA, the Financial Planning Association:
and their Silicon Valley chapter:

CFP Board, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.

Some low-cost 401(k) plan providers: (in no particular order)

Research about your investments, your 401(k), your 529 plan, charities:
BrightScope - 401(k) ratings, details -
Morningstar - stocks, etfs, mutual funds -
Charity Navigator - - 529 plans -

The USENET Newsgroup:
(This is a moderated discussion group dedicated to financial planning, open to the public.  Anyone with newsreading software, or who choose to access it through a service like GoogleGroups may participate.  Note that this is not a GoogleGroups or Google-owned or moderated discussion.  They simply provide access.)

Online billing and invoicing
Freshbooks - (to give us a referral credit, click here )

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