What’s Your Risk Number? - Click here to find out!

The headlines in the financial sections, and in the various financial publications always put returns first. How did this fund do last year?  What was that fund’s five-year return?  Did this fund beat the S&P500?

That reflects a one-dimensional view of finance and portfolios.  There are a variety of other extremely important issues, such as cash-flow, tax-efficiency, costs.

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But after returns, the very next question should probably be “and what kind of risk and volatility did you have to endure to get that return?”

Moreover, what kind of risk are you comfortable with?

We use sophisticated software for risk tolerance estimation.  It’s essential that we get a good handle on how much risk is appropriate for your portfolios.

To help you figure this out, we’ve set up an online quiz we invite you to take.  It generates what we call your “risk number” and helps us (you and us) really understand how much risk you’re ready to take.

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And it gets better than that!  Once you’ve done the quiz, if you’d like, we can take your existing portfolio and feed it through the analytics and see, now that we know your risk number, whether or not your portfolio reflects your risk tolerance.

The risk quiz is free — there’s no obligation, you don’t have to disclose any private data (it does ask how much money we’re talking about, but a ballpark figure is enough for us to work with).  

So please go ahead - let’s figure it out:  What’s Your Risk Number?

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