At Meyers Wealth Management, we believe in the value of ongoing comprehensive financial planning.  We strive to work closely with our clients to build a framework for your financial life and it’s important to understand that no financial plan is ever set in stone.  As such, we recommend getting the framework clear up front and then ongoing regular visits to review where you are, adjust for any changes that have taken place, both in life and in your portfolio, and make sure that you’re still on the right path.

That said, we also understand that some folks just want a couple of questions answered right now, or don’t feel they need to commit to that level of ongoing service.

And while we also provide portfolio management for some of our clients, we also understand that many of our clients just want some guidance and are comfortable implementing and managing their portfolios on their own.

To accomodate these various needs, we offer the following types of services:

Quick Start / On The Spot Planning

If you have one or two specific issues to address and only need a limited engagement, this is the service for you.  We’ll schedule a meeting - usually two hours - you’ll bring in all the information we need (we’ll provide a document list and questionaire to help you prepare for this) - and we’ll dig in together.  We can provide a summary of our meeting, and possibly more detailed follow-up notes and/or additional meetings depending on your needs.  We bill by the hour for this service.

Some of the types of work we typically do in these sessions include: retirement savings projections, Social Security claiming strategy optimization, portfolio risk analysis, home affordability, college savings, tax planning, dealing with stock options and RSUs, employer benefits selection including investment choices in the employer’s retirement plan, etc.

Please click here to schedule a 2-hour QuickStart/OnTheSpot meeting!

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We start with a comprehensive review of your overall financial situation, and generally cover all the topics noted above and more.  We’ll model most of your finances in our Financial Planning Dashboard, review and prioritize goals, and provide a full written financial plan including detailed recommendations.  We’ll schedule regular meetings to update and review details and portfolios, and be available ad-hoc as well to address any issues that arise.  We’ll coordinate with your CPA/EA (tax preparer) and your estate attorney as necessary, and review your tax situation both before you file, and before year and and other deadlines.

Comprehensive Financial Planning services typically require an up-front fee followed by a low monthly or quarterly retainer fee for the ongoing support and services, with some variation in pricing based on the complexity of a client’s situation.  There is no minimum level of assets or net worth required for this service.

We start any Comprehensive Financial Planning engagement with a two-hour QuickStart meeting - during which time we’ll go over everything at a high level, discuss more details about how we’ll 

Please click here to schedule a 2-hour Comprehensive Planning “Getting Started” Meeting!

Portfolio Management

We offer traditional fee-only financial advisory services wherein we will manage your portfolio for you.  For each account or set of accounts, we’ll work with you to develop an investment plan, and then we’ll manage those accounts for you in accordance with that investment plan.

We’ll take into consideration existing assets (especially important in taxable accounts where selling off some of those assets may have huge tax consequences), we’ll perform tax loss harvesting on an opportunistic basis where we can.

We’ll optimize not only asset allocation, but also asset location, too.  This means we’ll consider what kinds of securities (i.e., stocks, bonds, etc), but also where it’s best to hold those securities (IRA, Roth IRA, taxable account, etc).

There is no minimum level of assets required for this service, though we do have a minimum annual fee.  This service is priced based on a percentage of the assets under management, and a discount may be available for those who are also engaging us for ongoing comprehensive financial planning services.

We never require any clients to turn over assets for portfolio management as a condition to receive financial planning services.

We do ask that all Portfolio Management clients fill in the Risk Quiz.  Please click here to do so if you haven’t already.  Thanks!

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