Advanced Portfolio Management

We will directly manage a portfolio (or portfolios) for you in accordance with your goals and risk tolerance.

Advanced Portfolio Management allows us to respond on a day-to-day basis help manage cash-flow needs, fluid sets of goals and targets.  We can work around legacy assets (especially important if you have low-cost-basis stocks or an existing taxable portfolio that cannot or should not be immediately liquidated).

We’ll work through all your goals for the portfolio, perform risk tolerance assessments for you, help you figure out appropriate target asset allocations, as well as open and fund the accounts.  This is a great way to consolidate existing accounts from a variety of places so it’s all under one roof and managed all together with a comprehensive view of the various accounts and portfolios.

We perform tax loss harvesting on an opportunistic basis, yielding immediate tax advantages when we can.

We optimize not only asset allocation but also asset location. Some kinds of securities are better kept in a taxable account, some are better kept in an IRA, some in a Roth IRA, etc.  We can build a portfolio that spans several such accounts and keep the securities in the type of accounts where they work best.

We’ll have an initial meeting to set up accounts, discuss goals, target allocations, risk tolerances.  We’ll design a custom portfolio plan for your approval before making any trades.

We’ll meet semiannually (or quarterly if you prefer), either in person or via phone/video to review the portfolios, and can adjust goals and targets and update the portfolio plan as necessary.

Plus, you’ll get:

     • discounts on various of our financial planning services
     • access to and use of the Personal Financial Dashboard

There is no minimum level of assets required for this service, though we do have a minimum annual fee which applies.  This service works with a tiered pricing plan, which discounts the fee, which is a percentage of the assets under management, as the level of assets under management rises.

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