Advanced Retirement Plan

Because sometimes things are just more complicated.

This includes everything from the Basic Retirement Plan. That means we include Social Security Planning, a Retirement Portfolio Review, and a basic retirement income analysis (“gap” between social security and cost of living, expected cash-flows, etc.)

However, this goes above and beyond the basics because we also cover the following:

• Executive benefits review (stock options, RSUs, other equity-based compensation, pension and deferred compensation, self-employment retirement plan recommendations and optimization)

• Detailed portfolio analysis - discussion of current holdings, current asset allocation

• Recommended asset allocation for retirement portfolio(s) based on risk tolerance, time horizons, expected future contributions and growth

• Detailed portfolio “recipe” for rebalancing into the recommended portfolio and selection of “best” options in employer plans and recommended securities in outside accounts, including considerations for “asset location optimization” (what to keep where with regard to specific securities and asset classes to keep in which type of accounts, whether taxable accounts, IRA, Roth IRAs, etc)
 Including, to the extent that taxable assets are part of this, consideration for tax loss harvesting, minimizing capital gains taxes on rebalancing

• 1 Data Gathering Meeting (2 hr)

• 1 Draft Plan Review Meeting (1 hr)

• 1 Final Plan delivery and review Meeting (1 hr)

Plus, during the entire process, e-mail and phone support, as well as thePersonal Financial Dashboard

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