Basic “Core” Portfolio Management

Basic “Core” Portfolios are the easiest way to set up an investment account, fund the account, and invest for your future.  You can get started online right now and by linking in your bank account you can even get your money to work immediately.  

Core Portfolios are built with custom asset allocations tailored with risk tolerances on a goal-by-goal basis.  You can set up a “retirement” goal with a long time horizon and a high risk tolerance — and, for example, a “new car” goal with a shorter time horizon and a lower risk tolerance.

Additionally, core portfolios take taxes into consideration — taxable accounts may use municipal bonds as necessary, and retirement accounts such as IRAs or Roth IRAs will use ordinary bonds.

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Moreover, for certain taxable accounts, we use sophisticated tax loss harvesting which means that if there are losses in the portfolio (remember - sometimes things do go down) we take advantage of that, sell the securities in order to book the tax loss (resulting in tax savings for you!) and immediately rebalance and still keep the portfolio fully invested.

Core portfolios are built using ultra-low cost index-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

There are no transaction costs - and no matter how much or how little you invest, aside from (ultra-low) expenses of the underlying ETFs, you pay only a simple, low flat percentage of the assets for all this service.

We generally include one personal meeting for any client who engages us for Core Portfolio Management, during which we can actually set up or review accounts and goals, assess risk tolerance, and make sure you fully understand how the system works.

While there is no minimum fee or minimum of assets required for this service, we do make some additional features available for clients who have substantial assets under our management via Core Portfolios, including:
     • discounts on various of our financial planning services
     • access to and use of the Personal Financial Dashboard
     • quarterly meetings (in the office or by video/phone) to review goals, portfolio, risk tolerance, asset allocation

And you can get started right now and be invested in as little as five minutes!  This is an especially great way to get your IRA or Roth IRA going immediately.

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