Basic Retirement Plan

This service includes: (a) Social Security Planning; (b) Retirement Portfolio Review; PLUS (c) the following:

• 1 meeting for data gathering:

• review current and future sources of income; all accounts (IRAs, 401k, etc)
• review current and future family spending (taking into consideration things like paying off the mortgage, potential home downsizing, etc)

graph columns

• “Draft” plan delivery (delivered electronically via secure web site)

• 1 meeting for final plan delivery and review

• Deliverables:
• Social Security Optimization Plan

• Retirement Portfolio Review

• Retirement Income Analysis (“gap” analysis, short-term vs. long-term portfolios, varying retirement target dates and the savings required for them, retirement “preparedness” — need to save more or ability to consider part of savings “excess”, consideration for outside pensions and other assets)

• Additional fees may apply for assets beyond the scope of the Retirement Portfolio Review (i.e., real estate, etc.)

• The Personal Financial Dashboard

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