Full Service Ongoing Financial Planning

This is the total package. We manage your portfolios and you get every service we provide in the Comprehensive Financial Plan — on a continuous and ongoing basis.

You get:

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Social Security Planning
Advanced Retirement Planning(including detailed cash-flow modeling, portfolio reviews which include all portfolios and accounts you have, including employer plans)
• All the services in the Comprehensive Financial Plan (including estate planning, tax planning, risk and survivorship planning, management of executive benefits packages such as options and RSUs, college funding planning with 529s and other accounts, college cost and savings projections, total balance sheet review and consolidation)
• All the services in Basic and/or Advanced Portfolio management— we will directly manage your portfolios, make trades as necessary, factor in assets in 401k and other outside accounts
• Tax Loss/Gain harvesting
• Coordination with CPA/accountants
• Coordination with Estate/Trust attorney

• Ongoing use of the Personal Financial Dashboard (with our ongoing oversight of cash-flow models, etc)
• 24/7 access to comprehensive financial advice

• Meetings as often as needed, starting with the same series of meetings as detailed in the Comprehensive Financial Plan to get started, and then as needed - at least semi-annually, with priority meeting times available for tax-season and year-end.

• Written notes and plans as needed
• Regular monitoring of interest rates (i.e., opportunities to refinance a mortgage)

There is no minimum level of assets necessary for this service, though we do have a minimum annual total fee, and our pricing needs to take into consideration all assets included in the ongoing analyses.

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