Portfolio Management

After all is said and done, you've had your financial planning needs met, you've discussed your portfolio and goals, and really just want to let someone else do the day-to-day management of that portfolio. We'll start, if we haven't already done so, by working with you to construct a Portfolio Plan. From there, we will systematically rebalance your portfolio into alignment with our portfolio targets. The portfolio will then be rebalanced on a regular basis as necessary to keep it in line with our targets. You'll continue to get your statements from your brokerage or custodian (with whom you still keep your primary relationship - we do nottake custody of your assets). We will review your statements monthly and provide commentary and notes at least quarterly.

Portfolio management is available at a cost based on a percentage of the value of the assets being managed, and only in conjunction with an existing financial planning engagement which includes at least a preliminary Portfolio Plan.

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