Portfolio Plan and Portfolio Rebalancing

While one may have different portfolios for different goals (e.g. saving for future retirement, managing a portfolio when already in retirement, saving for college or other shorter-term goals), no matter what the goal for a given portfolio of investments, the portfolio should have a plan, a guide for managing it, and periodic review and rebalancing.

We'll construct a Portfolio Plan with you reflecting your risk tolerance, time-horizon, tax issues, cash-flow requirements. We'll review your existing holdings and asset-allocation and analyze how they compare to our target portfolio. We'll provide advice regarding specific choices of investments, tailored to your personal situation and the investments available to you.

A Portfolio Plan includes:

  • one meeting to review existing accounts, discuss goals for the portfolio, assess client's risk tolerance, time horizon, etc.
  • written Portfolio Plan document discussing the existing portfolio, the target portfolio, appropriate benchmarks, specific investment choices which may be used for implementation

A Rebalancing/Review is a follow-up to a Portfolio Plan and we recommend reviewing and rebalancing your portfolio on a regular, periodic basis. If your situation and goals haven't changed, we may not need a meeting - just delivery of updated account documents - and you will get a written document including:

  • an updated analysis of your portfolio - how well it's tracking the target portfolio
  • updated recommendations of specific securities and trades to make to bring the portfolio back in line with the targets

Both these services include 30 days follow-up coverage by e-mail.

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