Projects are generally financial planning engagements focused on a specific goal or on getting the answer to a specific question. Some typical examples:

  • Retirement savings projections with various "what if" scenarios (e.g. what if I retire at age X, Y or Z, and what if we sell the house and move to an apartment after I retire?)
  • Home Affordability Analysis, wherein we review your income, your liquid assets, the available range of home prices and cost of ownership, and the current mortgage market and interest rates.
  • Retirement Plan Evaluation, wherein we review your retirement savings options, and potential retirement savings plans for a self-employed individual or a small business.
  • Estate Plan Review, wherein we'll review how your various assets are titled, who are the designated beneficiaries, how you might restructure or re-title various assets, recommend, if appropriate, an estate attorney to draw up wills and trusts.
  • Portfolio Construction and Rebalancing- please click on the link for details
  • The On-The-Spot Check-Up - a one-shot meeting with a follow-up report intended as "primary care" financial planning.

We are flexible and if you have a project idea not listed above, please let us know.

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