Retirement Portfolio Review

Historically, in the United States, retirement planning has been based on the notion that you have three resources to rely on in retirement: (a) Social Security; (b) employer-based pensions; and (c) your own savings.

We strongly encourage you to regularly review your Social Security statements, and if you’re approaching the age where you’ll be claiming Social Security benefits, consider doing some Social Security Planning so we can optimize your strategy for claiming those benefits.


Your employer-based pension gets invested by professionals and you have little or no input or control over how that investment is managed. Your benefits are simply your benefits.

However, you are responsible for your own savings. Typically, your retirement savings will include your IRA accounts, employer-based defined contribution accounts such as a 401(k), 403(b), 457 plan, etc.

The Retirement Portfolio Review is intended to help you responsibly manage that retirement savings. You’re putting this money away over a very long period, it’s often scattered across multiple accounts, and you need to have a clear view of how it all works together — how much risk is embedded in it — how much risk you are comfortable taking — and how much risk you may needto take if you hope for this savings to achieve the goal of eventually paying for a big chunk of your cost of living in retirement.

The Retirement Portfolio Review includes the following:
• 1 meeting - data gathering, discussion of risk tolerance
• Review may incorporate up to:

8 existing accounts [including taxable accounts, IRA accounts, 401k or 403b accounts]

40 individual current holdings of stocks, bonds, mutual funds.
• Additional fees may apply for more accounts or to include additional types of holdings
• Deliverables:

• Analysis of existing portfolio(s) - discussion of current holdings, current asset allocation

• Recommended asset allocation (based on risk tolerance)

• Recommended securities for those various asset classes

• Monte-Carlo simulation based on current and recommended asset allocation
• projected future value expectations for the portfolio including ongoing contributions
 (based on current and recommended asset allocations and historical performance)

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