General Consultation / Second Opinions

You already have various financial professionals in your life. Your brokerage account is managed by a "financial advisor", you've got an insurance agent, an accountant, an attorney. Are they all doing what you think they are doing? Are all the things they are doing coordinated? Is your insurance really cost-effective and appropriate? Are you really sure or are there costs hidden by long disclaimers and fine-print disclosure documents?

Are you managing your portfolio yourself and just want a second pair of eyes, professional and experienced, to take a look over your shoulder and help you out?

We are not selling you any insurance services, we are not trying to take business away from your financial advisor, and we are certainly not doing your taxes or writing a will for you. What we are doing, however, is looking over all these things and providing you the benefit of our experience and knowledge in evaluating what you've already got going on.

Second Opinions and general financial consulation is available on an hourly basis.

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