Your Personal Financial Dashboard

Meyers Wealth Management’s services include a very sophisticated web-based personal financial dashboard.

This system provides us a platform for securely sharing data (the “Vault”), and give you a single place to go where you can see your whole financial picture.

It supports “live” links to your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, investment and retirement accounts, insurance, etc — all aggregated securely in one place.  There are cash-flow and budgeting tools and the ability to have alerts set to remind you when various events take place, plus automated weekly summaries and lots more.

And it works great on your desktop or on your iPad.  Plus we have a mobile app, for your iPhone, too.

We make this system available for most financial planning clients for the duration of the engagement, whether it’s a shorter-term project such as a Retirement Portfolio Review, or a longer-term project such as a Comprehensive Financial Plan (which includes a full year of use of the dashboard).  Basic functionality (i.e., “live” linked accounts, budgeting/spending tools, the vault, alerts) are available to all users on the system. Advanced features are enabled as necessary.

eMoney Sample Screenshot

(Note that while it can be linked “live” to your outside accounts, we don’t require that you make such links - most assets that we need to include in our modeling and planning for you can also be approximated manually.)

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